Backup Solution

Data protection should be simple. You should be able to buy an all-in-one solution—either purpose built backup appliance (PBBA) or software (bring your own hardware) focused. Your data protection should adapt to you rather than forcing you to adapt to it. You should be able to get reasonable built-in deduplication instead of being forced to buy a third-party deduplication device. You should be able to support virtualization deeply and fully without being limited to the design choices of your data protection vendor. You should be able to take advantage of the cloud; not have a vendor use the cloud to take advantage of you. Most of all, data protection should focus not only on backup but on recovery. You should be able to recover quickly and recover locally, at your second site, and in the cloud.

We adapt to you and your IT infrastructure. Simplicity, agility, adaptability, and flexibility are the hallmarks of our data protection solutions. Whether you’re trying to protect a virtual-only VMware vSphere environment of thousands of virtual machines, a single Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 system with multiple roles: Hyper-V hosting a handful of virtual machines, a small Windows physical server with an IBM pSeries/AIX system or any other physical operating systems, a Cisco UCS implementation with virtual and physical instances of Exchange Server and Oracle Database, or an infinite number of other combinations—we have you covered.

What do we protect?

We offers enterprise-class granular backup and recovery at the deep virtual and physical level for over 100 versions of applications, hypervisors, operating systems, servers including Cisco UCS, and storage as well as virtual protection at the hypervisor level.


Deep Virtual and Physical Backup

Our physical appliance and our Azzurrio Enterprise Backup virtual appliance enable native granular application and operating system protection in both virtual and physical environments.


Virtual Backup

Our physical appliance and our Azzurrio Virtual Backup virtual Appliance enable protection in virtual environments at the hypervisor level.


Recovery Assurance

We offer recovery assurance for deep virtual and physical Windows environments via our auditing technology and complete automation and orchestration at the application and operating system-level for VMware with our Azzurrio recovery assurance and disaster recovery product.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Azzurrio DRaaS is a white-glove service that ensures your business is “Always On,” even in the event of disaster. Industry-first disaster recovery assurance as a service, available with the Azzurrio ReliableDR add-on, provides automated testing and certification of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).